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Wait, what UX are you talking about?

Most of the confusion around what UX is and isn’t comes from people using “UX” to talk about completely different things. When people talk about UX, they’re usually talking about either the process, philosophy, or the quality of an interaction.

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Confirm or undo? Which is the better option?

When designing software, you reach a point where you need to design actions that are potentially dangerous. In a couple accidental clicks, a user can embarrass themselves in front of their boss or wipe out hours of work. So how do you design so that...

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Redesigning a registration form step-by-step

When faced with a redesign, often the hardest part is just knowing where to begin. How do you take a complex form and simplify it? Where do you begin? Should you throw it out and start from scratch? There’s plenty of inspiration out there, but often...

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How to improve user generated content

When creating an app with community content, the success of your app depends on the quality of the content created by your users.

Here’s some strategies for improving and maintaining high quality community content.

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