Is your signup form keeping customers away?

Are potential customers abandoning your signup process before they get a chance to see how great your app is? Are your users struggling to log in to your app? Are you seeing far too many users resetting their password instead of successfully logging in?

Let’s be real: no one likes filling out forms. But often they’re necessary for your app. If they’re not done right, they can keep people from becoming customers and has current customers looking for the door.

Far too often, designers spend all their time polishing the experience once users are in the app. That often leaves the login and signup forms as an afterthought. Typically the “research” consists of visiting Facebook, Uber, Amazon, and a few other “big kids” and picking one to copy. Sound familiar?

Learn how to design signup and login forms that don't drive users away.

Nailing good signup and login forms are tough and you’re already spread thin trying to juggle launching new features while fixing other parts of your app. That's why I'm researching the best practices for designing signup and login forms. I've dug through dozens of articles, case studies, and usability tests to figure out what works and what doesn't. I'm putting all that information in a short book to help designers create the best experience for their apps.

If you're interested in learning more about the book and being the first to know when it’s released, drop your name and email below.