The 10 minute cleanup

Most people focus optimizing their productivity on work. But applying the same strategies to your home can massively improve your relationship and home life.

Here’s a technique that has a major positive impact on my marriage: it’s called the 10 minute cleanup.

It’s the end of the night, you’re tired, but the house is a mess. My wife and I used to bicker about how much work it’ll be or if we should leave it until morning.

Instead, we made it a game where we set a timer for 10 minutes and both race to clean the house. When the timer stops, we drop what we’re doing and get ready for bed. No finishing tasks, no “one last thing”, no “we might as well finish”. The timer goes off, you put away cleaning supplies and walk away.

We’ve found…

We don’t do it every night because sometimes there isn’t anything to clean up. But when the house does need a little cleanup, there’s no discussion on who does what. There’s no bickering of who made the mess and who deserves to clean it up.

We just look at each other and say:

“10 minute cleanup?”


“Start the clock.”

And we go.

We’ve consistently done this for a year and it’s so nice to constantly wake up to a tidy home.

Give it a shot tonight.