Josh Wayne is a freelance product designer and strategist living in Denver, Colorado.

I run Uncommon Sense, a consultancy where I help software companies design products people actually enjoy using. I've worked with clients like Google, Kaiser Permanente, and San Diego Tourism Authority.

You can find me on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Mastodon.

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The Art of Learning

Josh Waitzkin

Highly recommended. Many of us make mistakes in their approach to learning. As someone who struggled with perfectionism, this book helped me realize I was more concerned with how I looked to others, more than my actual performance. It was the breakthrough I needed in business, health, and other pursuits.

My course on freelancing

Break into Freelance Design

Break into Freelance Design

I made a course that teaches designers the fundamentals of freelancing so they can start making a few thousand on the side or quit their job and freelance full-time. It’s a lot of the lessons I’ve learned in my 10+ years as a freelance designer.

If you’ve ever thought about freelancing but overwhelmed with how to start, this course will help you take your first steps.

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