Hi, I’m Josh Wayne. I’m a freelance user experience designer based in Denver, Colorado. I also teach UX/UI design by writing articles, making videos, and reviewing books over at Design Smarts.

My work

Elevate Therapy

Research, Strategy, UX, and Design

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Kaiser Permanente

Strategy, UX

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Past clients

Google Ebay DaVita Under Armour KP Advanced Energy Donately Socal Gas Tfs Zoetis

(And some stealth startups I’m not allowed to talk about)

About me

I’ve been a UX Designer for over 11 years. Before that, I started my career as a developer until I realized the quality of my code doesn’t matter if people hate using the thing I made. I went looking for what made one app enjoyable and others frustrating. I quickly stumbled into the world of user experience design and I was hooked. Since then I’ve worked on dozens of projects with Fortune 500 companies, startups, mom and pop shops, and many others.

In late 2013, I made the jump to freelancing and never looked back. I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing companies while having the flexibility to go on some epic adventures.

I love what I do and I’ll talk about design to anyone that listens so I decided to use that passion to help others become better designers. I created Design Smarts to teach others how to design badass software. It’s the kind of resource I wish I had when I started my career.

Josh Wayne

Want to learn design?

I created Design Smarts to teach UX/UI Design skills to designers. I write blog posts, post book reviews, and create resources to help designers be better at their craft.

Latest Article

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